Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time for an Oil Change

Freebie Hunt on Etopia - "Petal Power!" Search for 31 small blue flowers hidden all over our two sims. Great prizes are in each - many are unique to our creators. First 1 is next the free bike at the landing spot. Good Luck!

Please mark your calendars for this Thurs and Fri and join us for our "Time for an Oil Change" Events on Etopia. Our goal is to raise awareness of the issues and inform about alternatives to our global overdependence on oil. We will have signs, biking, concerts, freebie hunt, panel discussion, class, videos and more for you to enjoy and learn from. Please join us!

Etopia Eco-Village, Etopia Island (192, 55, 22)

Thursday, June 26th
Opening Events 12:45p - 1p SLT
Live Concert - Pillowfish 1-2p SLT
Pedal-thon 2-3p SLTPanel
Discussion 3-4p SLT
Sailing Tour 4-5p SLT
Peak Oil Video 5-6p SLT
Pedal-thon 6-7p SLT
Friday, June 27th
Class: Cooking Without Oil 1-2p SLT
Pedal-thon 2-3p SLT
Peak Oil Video 3-4p SLT
Freebie Hunt 4-5p SLT
Pedal Thon 5-6p SLT
Discussion 6-7 SL

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Here is the June Calendar!


The June Calendar is Up!

Please come check out all the great stuff we have going on this month! I'll post a calendar here soon.

Here is a great sunset pic of the Etopia Prime Beach...ahhhhhh. :)

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