Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Going forward our events calendar will be a Google Calendar that I will link to this page. Each host or event sponsor will be entering their own events, so be sure to check back often to see what has been added or changed! Just a reminder that all hosts and event sponsors will be responsible for adding their own event info to the google calendar, the SL events listings and for sending out Etopia Group notices. We will no longer have an event manager for these tasks since the job has just gotten too large for one person to handle. With everyone pitching in the promote their own events, it will spread out the load...Thanks!

There are lots of changes to Etopia in response to resident and visitor feedback. We have created a Pavilion in the middle of Etopia Village for events, discussions and gatherings. All residents are welcome to host events here at no charge.

We have also created a new theatre on the lowest level of the Prime Train Station and will be showing weekly movies in the "E-Max" theatre there. There is room for some dancing and socializing as well in a fun atmostphere. The Arcade is there and Tsidels' Cafe is up above making this a wonderful new entertainment venue.

We been making land parcels for sale on both sims to folks who would like to own on Etopia. These land sales have gone extremely well and are serving to allow more residents to own and contribute to Etopia at a higher level than ever before! Some lots are residential, some are commercial and some are for both. If you see an area that interests you but it is not for sale, please contact jojogirl Bailey for information about whether or not that parcel is available. We have not set all the available land for sale, but continue to do it gradually and as time permits. Please be sure to check the Prime Beach area and the Clocktower area for any new plots set for sale.

We are also adding some slighly larger cottages over on Prime Beach. Some folks have requested a larger space and we have found the perfect home! Stop by and check them out and see if one of the locations in the perfect home for you!

We are very excited about all of these changes and look forward the new year~!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Events at Etopia!

The December events calendar is here! We have a lot going on this month!
Be sure to join the Etopia group in-world so that you get all the great updates.