Saturday, January 29, 2011

Etopia's Sunday Music Series Presents-KevinMThomas Carpool

This Sunday 1/30 @ 6 p.m. Etopia presents our Sunday Music Series. Join us at the Band Shell as we welcome back KevinMThomas Carpool.
If you have not seen Kevin perform you will not want to miss it.
His music has been featured in 2 MTV/Spike TV Productions entitled, "Tripped Out" and "10 Things Every Guy Should Experience". His music reached international audiences in the popular British television series, "Distant Shores" and the Brazilian made for television movie "Studio 54" and many more!
You are sure to have a great time no matter what your in the mood for. Whether you are looking to dance, relax, laugh, or just hang out with friends, Kevin puts on one of the best live performances in SL.
Just follow the SLURL below and join us in Etopia. We look forward to seeing you.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Etopia's Sunday Music Series Presents- Rapture Damone

Etopia presents our Sunday Music Series where we feature the best SL has to offer in musical performers.
Join us in Etopia as we showcase Rapture Damone in our Sunday Music Series on January 23, 2011. One woman and six strings equals pure pleasure. Rapture delivers an eclectic mix of covers that provide pleasure regardless of your music of choice! She pulls out new material constantly and delivers it with talent and enthusiasm.. always interacting with her audience to deliver what they ask for! You don't want to miss this raw and authentic musician!!

Here is just a taste of future performers we have lined up:

Jan 30 - KevinMThomas Carpool
Feb 6 - Onehempcat Oldrich
Feb 13 - TonewoodFrank Unplugged
Feb 20 - Matthew Perreault
Feb 27 - Nonge Shipman
Mar 6 - Mack Humbridge
Mar 13 - Kitzie Lane
Mar 20 - Evamoon Ember
Mar 27 - Eric Steffensen Mistwalker

Continue to watch this blog and SL events for more information on all performers and happenings in Etopia.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

just a hint ... GoGreen!

We already know Etopia is a favorite SL spot for knowledgable in-worlders, but when the outside world pays attention to us it's a big deal. We're working with a special group of folks to raise awareness of environmental issues and how we use Etopia to support our real world work. Who are we working with? What's the project? Who's in it? hehe....

Stay tuned ... here and in world.

Friday, January 7, 2011

setting a green stage for kids

For many years I worked with underserved youth in arts and technology. I've preached that if you want audiences tomorrow engage kids today. The Alliance for Climate Education is working the high school scene educating and engaging students on issues of global warming. They hold free multimedia assemblies in schools across the country. This 3 minute video gives you a great idea of what this is all about;

I'm not saying book a presentation. I'm asking everyone to share their environmental, community, and sustainable work, ideas, and builds to Etopia. Let's use Etopia to further our reach, shout out our message. Then let's head over to Tsi's for coffee and music or the forest for a night of drumming with Daneah, Windy, and the trees.

New to this blog or Etopia? Visit us at Etopia by following this teleport map. Not familiar with Second Life? Visit our website for details on how to join

Thursday, January 6, 2011

vision for a new economy

David Korten is one of my favorite visionaries. He posted a direct call to action piece on his blog yesterday. In it he says we have yet to have a much needed conversation about the 2008 Wall Street debacle. He calls for a meaningful conversation that goes beyond finger-pointing. Here's part of what he said.

"We have yet to engage in a much-needed national conversation that addresses essential, yet unasked, questions. For example:

  • Do Wall Street institutions do anything so vital for the national interest as to justify opening the national purse strings and showering them with trillions of dollars in order to save them from the consequences of their own excess?
  • Is it possible that the whole Wall Street edifice is built on an illusion that has no substance yet carries deadly economic, social, and environmental consequences for the larger society?
  • Might there be other ways to provide necessary and beneficial financial services with greater effectiveness and at less cost?"

To read the entire article go to Yes! Magazine and begin following his series on "Agenda for a New Economy."