Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Virtual Worlds and Real Life Impact for Fitness & Weight Loss

You read it right ... Research is showing that joining a virtual gym increases your success at continuing with real world workouts. Their research also showed that those participating in a peer support group on weight loss lost just as much weight as those who only dieted in real life. No wonder the weight watchers website is so successful!

Second Life was featured in a series of articles on virtual weightloss. Links for articles from the BBC News, Forbes, and others are posted on the Second Life website ( Scroll down to June 2011 for some of the articles or google it (second life and weight loss).

What does this mean for Etopia? We already have food information available at the Farmer's market and we'll continue to add more resources. We're building a food cooperative demo at Etopia Plaza that will showcase good eating and food choices as well as info about food cooperatives.

To celebrate the continued bridging of SL and RL we're launching Tai Chi on the Beach. Tai Chi on the Beach will begin December 2nd and run every Friday morning at 7:30am SLT. This is our opportunity to support each other through conversation and sharing of experiences. We'll also share detailed information about tai chi and tips to maintaining well-being. You can also come down to the beach on your own and learn a little more about the benefits of fitness.

I can feel the sand between my toes already!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snooter-doots - an eco-sustainable gift of choice

Good business is not only profitable, it's fun. I recently ran across a great website that creates art-dolls keeping the environment in mind and the prices reasonable. There's a lesson here...

DIrect from their website, "Snooter-doots™ are whimsical, handcrafted, art-dolls inspired by nature, featuring vegetables, bugs, fish, birds, fantasy creatures, and edibles. We are earth-friendly and sustainable! Snooter-doots are knit by hand from renewable wool and other animal fiber yarns before they are felted."

I couldn't believe I found such a great gift! Who could resist the idea that a handcrafted doll was not only unique in appearance and composition, but has it's own personality (the website says so) and it's own name and birthday. AND you can adopt one by visiting the Snooter-doot website ( It's worth visiting this website even if it's just to read the Snooter-doots story.

They even make a geoduck named Georgie. Cuter than his real-life model for sure.


Super Sim Music All Weekend

If you missed last night's concert at the Drumming Circle featuring Mark Humbridge, Kevin M Thomas, Edward Lowell, Bat Masters, & MRMulti Writer you missed a bang-up line-up.

BUT! You have another chance to party across Etopia today. Both Etopia Island and Etopia Prime will be filled with the sounds of music from our favorite artists at 2:30pm SLT. BUT! Before then be sure to join us at Tsidel's at 1pm SLT ...

1pm SLT - Eric Steffensen at Tsidel's Cafe

2:30pm SLT - Super Sim Music Event! This event will stream across both sims. Start at the Farmer's Market ( for the main stage and wander Etopia with the Super Sounds of Max Kleene, Kevin M Thomas, Edward Lowell, and Bat Masters.