Thursday, December 23, 2010

End of Year Admin

We'd like to take a moment to say Happy Holidays and to update you on changes in our event schedule.

The following activities will not be held until after the new year...

The drumming circle will be quiet for the next couple of weeks. We're letting the trees rest from all of their fall activity.

The Friiisday Bored Meeting will not convene until the Friday after New Year's. Seems everyone is already planning to be stuffed from Christmas dinner and unable to join us at Tsidel's until after the drowsiness wears off.

The Thursday Parties at the Pavilion are also on hold until mid January. We'll all have to dance in our livingrooms until Aquiel is able to spin the platters once more.

Look for all event updates in world and here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Celebrating Winter & The Holidays

We're experiencing something different on Etopia this year. Snow. The weather conditions are just right to cap our mountains in snow and throw some frost across the islands. Our beaches, though, are still sandy and sunny.

Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit and we're coming alive with just enough of a festive feel to make this that special time of year we all remember as kids.

Our community holiday party is Thursday, December 16 at 6:00pm at the Pavilion. Residents & Friends of Etopia are invited to celebrate the season and get your groove on (dancing only folks... we're a G sim afterall) to the sounds of our very own DJ Aquiel Aero. There will be gifts and plenty of fun.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Beach Party on Sunday 11/28

There's no better way to celebrate the coming of winter than with a beach party. Erin68 Frog will get your toes tapping and your body moving with her upbeat fun personality and songs! Listening to Erin, you'll hear a mix of many styles of music from pop, rock, country, and oldies.

Erin68 Frog is winner of the AMA Awards 2009 for Best Duo with Satin Galli and nominated for Best Group in the LEMA Awards 2009, She's probably best known for her powerful voice that make those ballads shine. Erin sings from her heart!  With each note she sings, you'll feel the music!

Be sure to join us Sunday 11/28 at 6pm on the beach outside Ginny's Arcade for our last hoorah before the snow flies.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Etopia's Sunday Music Series Presents- Kat Rose Serendipity

Join us this Sunday as Etopia presents another great evening @ Tsidel's in Etopia Prime with our Sunday Music Series. This Sunday we are featuring the musical enchantress Kat Rose Serendipity. A veteran of the music scene, Kat Rose (RL) is a sultry performing songwriter who loves to please crowds with covers and originals alike. Kat Rose's vocal delivery is soothing and exudes comfort and serenity. Kat's lyrics are both rich and compelling containing haunts and influences of many styles, making the disc difficult to pigeon-hole into a narrow genre. With Kat Rose, you can count on a vast, spacious genre-blending delivery. KatRose is warm, open-hearted and honest with a performances that convey her passion for life and her love of live music. The great female singer/songwriters such as Stevie Nicks, Joan Baez, Jewel, Indigo Girls, Heart, Carole King, and countless others have strongly influenced KatRose not only in music, but also in her philosophies of life itself and the world around her. KatRose has honed her skills around venues in Houston, Austin, the campfires at Kerrville, as well as performances and jams around the country in real life and on the net. Kat has been busy touring the US, Canada, and the UK. You won't want to miss this night of music. Sit back relax and enjoy with us. Etopia welcomes you!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Etopia's Sunday Music Series Presents- Rapture Damone

Join us for another enchanting Sunday evening in Etopia at Tsidel's Cafe @ 6 pm SLT.
This week we are showcasing the phenomenal talent of Rapture Damone.
One woman and six strings equals pure pleasure .Rapture delivers an eclectic mix of covers that provide pleasure regardless of your music of choice! Come... embrace her darkness and she will bathe you in the brilliance of her illumination.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Etopia's Training Center - Open & Ready to Rock

The Etopia Training Center is now open and ready for your next workshop, webinar, collaborative group project, presentation, sales pitch, or next training event. Three floors of meeting and collaboration space in the warehouse on the plaza. Easy access from the tram or gondola and in walking distance from the main landing point.

When you walk into the building you'll immediatiely notice an Interactive WebTV and Presentation Viewer.

The viewer is 95% web-driven, not tied to parcel ownership, and is completely interactive. Stream a webinar from your website, use the whiteboard for collaborative work, show a movie, teach a class, and more.

Next to the viewer is a poster with a set of instructions. If you need additional assistance contact Bree Silent or Namaara MacMoragh.

We've installed the perfect seating for your event participants. The seats in front of the viewer allow users to raise their hand during presentations. Great for asking questions. You should be able to copy additional seats if you need them. We ask that you return the seating number to 15 or less when you are finished with your event. The additional seating areas in the back of the room are for small discussions and relaxing.

The second floor has been set up for group conferences, discussions, client meetings, club meetings, support group meetings, conferences of just about any kind can be held here. Funky colors and low lag make this spot fun and effective for small workgroups.

And when you're ready for a break there's a coffee shop on the roof. Need I say more? This coffee shop is set up for casual conversation in a relaxed setting overlooking Etopia Island. It's interactive with coffee, tea or ice cream sodas.

Our goal is to build community. Our residents have a wealth of first life experience and expertise to share. Let's create the bridges necessary to impact change in our communities.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Etopia's Sunday Music Series Presents- Moondoggirl Moomintoog

Join us this Sunday 11/7/10 @ 6 SLT as Etopia brings yet another fantastic artist to Tsidel's for your listening and dancing pleasure. This week we are showcasing the eclectic stylings of Moondoggirl. Moondoggirl Moomintoog cut her teeth on folk, lost her innocence to rock, grooved on jazz, and now has come of age with country. This RL songwriter walks the walk with some of the great songwriters of country music today. She performs in Nashville, and has had some of her songs on hold being considered for cuts by some well known country artists. Come hear songs that will move, groove and bruise you!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Nothing is scarier than a quiet Halloween alone. Join ghosts, goblins, and friends as we celebrate this ancient holiday in the Etopia Enchanted Forest on Sunday, October 31. Enjoy the voice and acoustic guitar of Ericsteffensen Mistwalker followed by an eclectic mix of music from Rapture Damone. The festivities kick off at 6pm SLT with lighting of the bonfire and the sounds of Etopia's ever popular and gods-favored DJ Aquiel Aero. Come as you are or don a costume and see if you can win the grand prize of $L100. Find the Witch of Wealth hidden somewhere on Etopia for a special Halloween treat.
________ MUSICIAN INFO ___________
6pm with DJ Aquiel Aero. Aquiel has enjoyed the sounds of Second Life since she moved in world 4 years ago. For the past two years she's kept Etopian toes tapping and guests clapping as the DJ for our popular Party @ The Pavilion. No party is complete without a shout out from Aquiel.
Eric's voice and acoustic guitar captivate as his lyrics shoot you through a range of emotions. His songs range from the comical to the heartfelt. He has been compared to the likes of Cat Stevens, Blues Traveler and Phil Collins.
One woman and six strings equals pure pleasure .Rapture delivers an eclectic mix of covers that provide pleasure regardless of your music of choice! Her style and range of songs vary from one extreme to the other, delivering a little something to bring a smile to the most discerning of listeners. Come... embrace her darkness and she will bathe you in the brilliance of her illumination. You don't want to miss this raw and authentic musician!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Etopia Sunday Music Series this weeks featured artist - Zoree Jupiter

Join us this Sunday, 10/24 at 6pm SLT, for Etopia's Sunday Music Series. This Sunday our Series showcases Zoree Jupiter and her amazing vocals at Tsidel's Cafe on Etopia Prime. Zoree's beautiful sounds blend her native Portugal with her love of the songs of her life in the US. Whether it is American Pop, Blues, Rock favorites - or even Portuguese Fado Singing - Zoree Jupiter is a performer that you do not want to miss, and will return again and again to see and hear.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Zerbie Magic headlines this week's Sunday Music Series

Relax with friends and great music. Maybe even dance a little. It's our Etopia Sunday Music Series.

Join us this Sunday, 10/17 at 6pm SLT, for a Zerbie Magic's phenomenal vocals at Tsidel's Cafe on Etopia Prime.  Zerbie is the winner of SL's LEMA Female Artist of the Year for 2009. You probably know her from her virtual hit single "I Remember". 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Google Green Technology Investment

"Google is extending its investment in green technology with a $5bn (£3.2bn) programme to build an undersea, wind energy transmission backbone along 350 miles of the Atlantic seaboard." WOW! The project, according to the Guardian/UK, is going to serve 1.9 million homes from New Jersey to Virginia. Read more about it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Etopia Imagine Party at the Pavilion October 10th

Imagine a world the way you want it to be. That's what John Lennon believed in and it's what Etopia is all about. We offer a vision of what the world can be like; healthy, sustainable, community. Join us IF you can for the Imagination Festival Etopia style with live music at the Pavilion from 8pm to 11pm. Celebrate with friends, listen to music, dance, and look toward a better future as we remember John Lennon's message of peace and the power of imagination.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moondoggirl Moomintoog comes to Tsidel's Cafe

Join us at Tsidel's Cafe on Friday July 31 at 6pm SLT for the smooth sounds of Moondoggirl Moomintoog. SL performer since February of 2008, MOON is a Minneapolis/Nashville songwriter that bridges the musical gap between genres with her own original songs and covers. From Lucinda Williams to Nina Simone, Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt, Shelby Lynne and Colbie Callait, to the Beatles and Bob Dylan, her strong vocals, unique originals and covers will move, groove, soothe and bruise you with her own brand of edgy  "country-blues," style.

If you ask Moon who her influences are, you will be surprised to learn she has a love for most genres of music, and they all come through in her writing. From Lucinda Williams, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Linda Rondstat, Sheryl Crow, Waylon Jennings and the Outlaws, Emmylou Harris, Bobbie Gentry and Dusty Springfield, Elvis Costello, Jonatha Brooke, Lyle Lovett, The Beatles, Patsy Cine,Billie Holliday and all the old jazz standards, and she says, “now there are so many new country influences too numerous to mention...”

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sustainable Living Library has a new exhibit!

The Sustainable Living Library has a new exhibit to raise awareness about the signs and systems of heart attacks, strokes, and common medical terminology. There are three interactive quizzes designed by a medical librarian and clinical advisory team. This is part of a real life research project to determine the effectiveness of gaming on consumer health, health care behavior, and decisions.

The exhibit is located on the library's front deck. While you're at the library be sure to see the Earth Day Exhibit on Water Resources created by real lif graduate library student Alliejnv Listern.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Etopia Photo Contest

We're celebrating the wonders and community of Etopia with a photo contest. Contestants may submit any photo on any theme and no limits on how many photos you enter. BUT please remember Etopia is a PG sim, so no adult content. The only requirement is that the photo must be taken in Etopia or Etopia Prime. Judging will be on the basis of creativity and artistry.

First Prize -- $1000L
Second Prize --  $500L
Third Prize -- $250L

Post your entries at
You'll need a Flickr account, but you can create one on the spot there.

Deadline for entries is Thursday, May 13.  We'll announce winners on May 20.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Veterans' Opinions on Clean Energy

An interesting post on Greenbang caught my attention this morning. "A new poll conducted for, an organisation of recent veterans that aims to be “the voice of the 21st century patriot,” finds that 73 per cent of veterans from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan want the US Congress to pass a new law in favour of fighting climate change and shifting to clean energy sources. A full 67 per cent also believe such legislation would help their own economic prospects."

Read more about it, Clean energy: It's not just for wussies and hippies anymore.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earth Week 2010

Earth Week celebrations embrace shared values and celebrate our efforts toward creating a sustainable human presence on the Earth. Don't miss out on the fun. Learn a little. Be sure to stop by Etopia for the birthday party on Thursday, 22 April 2010. Dance, sing, eat, drink, and explore the unique features of our island community.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Department of Transportation Policy Shift

Bicycles and walkers are getting the consideration they deserve. This morning's NYTimes Green Inc Blog post, "Transportation Department Embraces Bikes, and Business Groups Cry Foul," reflects the Obama administration's commitment to supporting responsible practices that protect our environment, and IMHO, our economy.

Check out the post at Green Inc Blog and let us know what you think. And while you're online, take a ride on the bike trail at Etopia.