Sunday, November 7, 2010

Etopia's Training Center - Open & Ready to Rock

The Etopia Training Center is now open and ready for your next workshop, webinar, collaborative group project, presentation, sales pitch, or next training event. Three floors of meeting and collaboration space in the warehouse on the plaza. Easy access from the tram or gondola and in walking distance from the main landing point.

When you walk into the building you'll immediatiely notice an Interactive WebTV and Presentation Viewer.

The viewer is 95% web-driven, not tied to parcel ownership, and is completely interactive. Stream a webinar from your website, use the whiteboard for collaborative work, show a movie, teach a class, and more.

Next to the viewer is a poster with a set of instructions. If you need additional assistance contact Bree Silent or Namaara MacMoragh.

We've installed the perfect seating for your event participants. The seats in front of the viewer allow users to raise their hand during presentations. Great for asking questions. You should be able to copy additional seats if you need them. We ask that you return the seating number to 15 or less when you are finished with your event. The additional seating areas in the back of the room are for small discussions and relaxing.

The second floor has been set up for group conferences, discussions, client meetings, club meetings, support group meetings, conferences of just about any kind can be held here. Funky colors and low lag make this spot fun and effective for small workgroups.

And when you're ready for a break there's a coffee shop on the roof. Need I say more? This coffee shop is set up for casual conversation in a relaxed setting overlooking Etopia Island. It's interactive with coffee, tea or ice cream sodas.

Our goal is to build community. Our residents have a wealth of first life experience and expertise to share. Let's create the bridges necessary to impact change in our communities.

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