Saturday, February 5, 2011

Etopia's Sunday Music Series Presents-OneHempCat Oldrich

Sunday Music Series in Etopia is proud to invite back Onehempcat Oldrich. Join us this Sunday 2/6 @ 6 p.m. @ Tsidel's to party, dance, and lose yourself in the wonderful music of Onehempcat.

Onehempcat is a seasoned SL musician with over 300 shows under his belt. After a break from SL to work on his RL music career One is back to shake things up! You may be familiar with his acoustic guitar stylings and some may even remember his heavy metal electric stuff; well as he returns to SL now he is bringing more more more - acoustic jams, electric jams, rockin full production jams - but you wont hear vocals because his music speaks volumes on its own! His mastery of music becomes crystal clear as he takes you on a journey through your own self with his amazingly crafted music. This is one performer you don't want to miss. Come on out and feel what music is meant to do - move your soul!

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