Monday, June 6, 2011

what happened to the mall?

Curiosity is growing among residents and visitors alike. The question on everyone's mind is "what's happening to the beach?"

The mall that occupied the southeast corner of Etopia Prime was aged and heavy on prim. Our initial idea was to upgrade the mall, but soon found it difficult and counterproductive so we scrapped that idea and began work on designs for a mixed use community that was fun with a touch of coastal romance, and of course reflective of the vision and mission of Etopia.

The land is terraformed to rise from what will be a landing point for Etopia Prime to the ridge overlooking the waterfall. Along the banks will be shops, homes, cafes, plazas, and cart vendors. At least we hope we'll have the room for all of it.

So, check it out and IM Namaara your thoughts. Or post your comments here. Ciao

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