Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kafe at the Cafe

I'm often asked why I use a virtual platform for real work. I like it because I can bring together friends, colleagues, and clients for collaboration, updates, building prototypes, and planning new projects in a cost effective yet rich and robust setting. For example...

It was a Sunday like every other on Etopia. Sun shining, flowers blooming, and the waters clear enough to see the bottom of the river. I enjoyed my bike ride along the coast and across the trail to the coffee shop on the plaza. Frankie and fate were seated at a table with steaming cups of coffee and fresh pastries. I was so glad to have a moment to spend with them and pulled out a cup of joe from my inventory, but left the pastries alone. I wouldn't want all that virtual exercise to be trumped by virtual carbs.

The conversation went from virtual carbs to virtual causes and the ability for virtual environments like Second Life to facilitate discussion and create change. I shared how working with clients has gone from traveling across the United States to collaborating here, at the coffee shop. The last presentation I did was in the Training Center and a client of mine used the conference room for a planning meeting.

By the time we were done I'm not sure we solved the world's problems, but we certainly hit upon useful ways to continue working and growing at Etopia. Yes, I so enjoy coffee with friends at the coffee shop on Etopia Island.

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